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To be or not to be a dad? It's a tumultuous questions especially if you happen to be aged between 26 and 42. New research says that people in this age group worry that they'll never be able to afford children Everyone has a different worry about the future and a different answer, but personally, in my life, this picture says it all. The little person in my arms is grown up now, and is a loving mum with a child of her own. We’re both writers, this little girl and me, and we know for sure that having kids is the most profoundly creative thing the both of us have ever done, a billion times more rewarding than anything we’ve ever published or ever will. And here’s the magic kicker, being a dad, or a mum, gets better every day. So, no question. Being a dad wins every time. Please tell me if this miniature family history resonates with you. I’d love to know.

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