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Writing novels can be tough on cash flow, so I drive Uber to keep my laptop plugged in. The best fun I have is in on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night. At around midnight on Saturday, a Gen Z girl crash landed on my back seat. 

“Hey Mr Uber guy,” she laughed, “Are you happy with who you are?”

“I think so.”

“My grandma says I shouldn’t chase happiness because happiness is chasing me. Is happiness chasing you?”


“Even when you were twenty-two?”

“Specially, when I was twenty-two.”

“Excellent! That is so cool.”

But then a week later, I had another Gen Z experience which I still find dismaying.

An elegantly dressed financial analyst, named Rose, riding in my Uber said, “I’m 25, working 12 hours a day, but I can’t afford a house until I’m at least 45. I have no boyfriend, I don’t go out, I just do my washing on weekends, and take surfing lessons on Bondi Beach. It’s not a life, what’s the bloody point?” I had plenty of answers, mostly about not being in Gaza, but wisdom told me to shut up.


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