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Updated: May 24

I love this A-I created image of Shakespeare based on the only portrait of the great man painted when he was alive. Maybe the modern A-I guy is close. Hope so, because you might not know it but you’ve probably been speaking like Shakespeare for most of your life. I'm sure you've heard that during his career, a mere 400 years ago, Shakespeare invented 1700 completely new words and phrases and most of them we still use today.

Here are some of the words: uncomfortable, unfashionable, eventful, eyeball, lonely, generous, downstairs, bloodstained, buzz and bottled.

And some of the phrases: all that glitters is not gold, cold-blooded, cruel hearted, all in a day’s work, in a pickle, good riddance, catch a cold, naked truth, foul-mouthed and too much of a good thing. There are hundreds more. Look them up, you’ll be amazed!

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